Kang Taehyun-ssi, 
Lastly, let me say this ... 
Even if you were living as a commoner, you would've never been able to attend any elite universities or med school when you act like this.. 
Whenever you write something on Weverse, I'm appalled at your lack of writing skills, and what's even more shameful and creepy is that you've never read a book, yet you're just reading Namuwiki and talk to choding Moas and pretend you're so smart with your mansplaining. You just have an overbloated ego. 
When I'm listening to your songs digitally, I won't be able to listen to the mainvocal anymore. If I were you and listened to your own voice while recording, wouldn't you be shocked at your own nasally voice? You should be going to the ENT in the first place, meanwhile, you're always on Weverse to induce yourself with praises and delude yourself about how perfect you are. 
Even Baekhyun still attends the vocal academy, but seeing you being crazy satisfied with your vocals just makes the future of the world look gloom
Furthermore, you're even proud of your funny dancing that's worse than 4th gen male and female idols combined
The fact that you can have such an overwhelming sense of pride is only thanks to Hybe's value and as a BTS hoobae, you're not only lacking but way too lacking 
You should realize that employees and staff always do such a good job and think of Bang Sihyuk as your dad. 
They are the people who made it possible for you to get on the first plane and live the leisurely nightlife you have today. 

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1. [+384, -0]
At this point, he's not only boneless meat, but minced up meat (t/n: because he's been beaten up so bad by the comment, in Korean "hitting the bone" means you're bashing someone, so boneless meat = his bone has been beaten up)

2. [+336, -0]
F*ck as expected, a fan turned anti is the scariest

3. [+310, -1]
F*ck I can so related to the fact that he just reads Namuwiki and does mansplaining to choding Moas

4. [+246, -1]
She didn't swear at him once but he's getting his bone beaten up... 

5. [+145, -0]
F*ck he's being beaten up bad 

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