[enter-talk] SON NAEUN & GD

I didn't know that GD and Son Naeun were close?
He only gifted the Kwondo shoes to 88 acquaintances before its release
It's kinda interesting that he decided to send them to her.. 
Son Naeun also seems like the type of people who maintains her friendships a lot 

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1. [+61, -4]
I feel like GD is unexpectedly close with the 2nd gen idols, but it's nice to see that he's not showing it off

2. [+57, -5]
I feel like the 2nd gen idols are unexpectedly close with each other, they're only not making it obvious. SNSD and Bigbang are all close and even though it's unexpected, TOP was super close with Goo Hara 

3. [+56, -3]
Isn't it because they're both in YG?

4. [+54, -4]
Son Naeun seems to be close with a lot of people, but she doesn't look like it because she's meeting them secretly 

5. [+52, -1]
There are so many unimaginable friendships among celebrities

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