"Being anxious and depressed is like being afraid and tired at the same time.
It's a state of fear of failure and an unwillingness to be productive.
You want friends but don't want to be with people, you want to be alone but you don't want to be lonely, and you feel paralyzed experiencing all emotions at the same time."

"If your love for yourself is deep, you'll hate yourself less"

Seriously did he really have to release this....?

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1. [+173, -7]
I feel like rather than his statement being problematic, it's more like was it necessary... I can understand what he's trying to convey but just why...

2. [+154, -9]
He wrote it like those f*cking English textbooks (t/n: ie) can't be understood)

3. [+119, -10]
What is he trying to say?

4. [+115, -7]
The timing is just... Seriously was it really necessary? He could've released it when time passed too 

5. [+112, -5]
Seriously what would that do...?

6. [+57, -6]
I'm a fan of Crush and he's been releasing posts like that because he's been having a hard time writing his songs lately. He releases posts like that to receive comfort in fancafes too. Please don't start a witchhunt 

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