[enter-talk/instiz] KARINA DYED HER HAIR BLONDE


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1. [+37, -11]
There's a reason why they never give her blonde hair up until now

2. [+23, -5]
Blonde with blue lenses... just crazy

3. [+23, -4]
Her blonde hair is pretty too but she's indeed prettier with black hair

4. [+18, -16]
She became just another idol from a mid-sized agency...

5. [+12, -3]
Is she gonna promote with blonde hair in this comeback?

6. [+6, 0]
To be honest, the tone looks severely bad on her...

7. [+4, -2]
She looks like a freaking pretty university unnie


The split between her extensions and real hair is seriously bad
For real, I don't even think that she can get a short cut..
And she's gonna dye her hair even more with the comeback..

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1. That's her own hair up to her nose's height?

2. She was known for her healthy hair no? I'm so sad for her

3. Jiminie dyed her hair a lot no...? I can only remember her days with darker hair so I didn't know that her hair was this bad

4. Hul...................

6. Gasp

7. After she cosplayed the Queen of Hearts, her hair was all ruinedㅠ

8. Aigo, this is almost short cut level

9. Is this real...? They didn't cut her hair short on purpose?ㅠ I hope that her hair recovers

10. I bet that she'll match short hair too... I hope that she can take care of her hairㅠ

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