The fact that I'm here gathering evidences of him cheating makes me pity myself so much I got a reality check. 

It's been 5 months since I've been doing it and he went to the daechang restaurant with the girl todayㅋㅋ ..Af first I took pictures of him until he(?) got to the motel but I couldn't even fall asleep my heart was beating so hard so I just spent the whole night watching Netflix?

But now that I'm used to it, I just go directly to the shower and fall asleep? ㅋㅋㅋ What a sad life I have~ Readers, please never get married... 

Now I need to prepare to go out again..

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1. There's a reason why men prefer staying out
> Are you insane?
> Ajussi you're making it obvious~
> Are you from the Joseon era?
> That's right~~ Because men like you are out of your minds

2. Gather enough evidence, win the lawsuit and get compensated all the money 

3. Yah this post ripped my heart apart
OP-yah you're precious, you need to overcome this, let's live a happy life. I'll always support you~

4. I hope people here don't ask the details, and I hope OP is happy 

5. You must win this... 

6. Imagine seeing the person you love cheat on you in front of your eyes and gathering evidences on t... OP, my heart hurts at the thought of the hardships you've gone through, I can't even imagine.. 

7. OP find strength seriously. My relative also got into this issue with a b*tch, got the compensation and is now living a good life. Fighting!!!!!

8. Let's get the compensation, OP fighting 

9. You're going in the motel to gather evidence?? Or are you just using the motel
> She's staying in front of the motel to catch them enter the motel... I think

10. Hul... just thinking of this happening to me, my hands are shaking, I hope you resolve thisㅠ

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