The exposer's tweet: Zhang Hao debuted, now I've slept with an idol 
The account that quoted the tweet: Please don't delete this
Exposer's tweet's reply (with the picture) : We only met a few times, this is a very rare item (the picture) 

This isn't a fake tweet. There's a proof (link) 

The original tweet with the picture of the 2 was removed, and the Chinese fans have been attacking that account

The original account is from a gay man living in China 
He released a bunch of grotesque s*xual content from both men and women on his Twitter account 

the next part is translating what "sleeping with someone" means in Chinese and how it usually means you had s*x with someone 

Because that person exposed Zhang Hao, China has been trending "Jjang Sen" (t/n: Jjang strong?) on their Twitter

original post: here

1. ....??

2. ?... 

3. ?????

4. But even if this was true, doesn't this mean he just got ousted? Why would you expose this? This is his private life. Zhang Hao isn't even my pick nor is he any of my picks, but why would you do this to him? 

5. No but... This is forcing his coming out 

6. Isn't the person who expose this even more problematic?

7. It sounds fake, last time, a fake rumor of him also started so I'm not gonna believe this 
> [OP] This isn't fake, it's being released everywhere on Twitter right now 

8. Outing someone is a crime 

9. There are so many fake rumors from China that I don't want to believe this 

10. Outing someone is a crime...

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