I almost fainted at this

Seriously she has a body that you can't achieve no matter how much weight you lose..

+ All her dresses are from Ralph Lauren Women collection 

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1. How can her body look like that ㅠ 

2. Wow the first one was such a good motivator, I wanna live as Krystal 

3. No but the one with her hair tied, she looks like her Chu days no? She looks the same wow 

4. Her physique was always known to be good but wow, celebrities are just built different.. ㅜ 

5. Her shoulders - chest - hip are inhuman, seriously she's a perfect human no? She's jjan g

6. She's too pretty, she's pretty at every age, and her prettiness changes. She's so cool 

7. The one where she has no makeup with her hair tied has my favorite dress

8. She's seriously gorgeous.. 

9. She's skinny but also looks healthy...? She's clearly skinny...But she also looks so toned, so pretty...

10. Her face and her body have everything, she dresses simple but so pretty ㅠ

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