It's the 9th anniversary of the Sewol Ferry, but what kind of idol would dare to use filters like this? What kind of idol would laugh and ridicule an event by using a trivial filter and pretend as if they were submerged and asked to save them?? ignorance is a sin

Lien: The reason why we need to move agencies soon

Junhyuk: Save meeee *gobble gobble*ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

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1. Seriously must they do this on the 16th... 

2. Ugh they really should be careful......

3. Are they babies?
> The one who released the filter is a foreigner and the one who commented is a Korean member born in 2000
>> There's no way you're born in 2000 and have never heard of it. I'm a 99'er and my memories are still vivid... 

4. They're consistently thoughtless

5. Ah why must they do it on the 16th...?

6. I can't understand people who call this "forced hate"

7. Aigo they need to think more 

8. Did they remove it?

9. No matter how you see it, it was bound to become controversial.. 

10. Seriously nothing expresses this better than "ignorance is a sin"...

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