Park Na-rae at 27 y.o

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1. So you're saying she's not pretty now? What are you implying?ㅠ do you know how superficial you sound?
> ??Why are you so triggered

2. Hul she has IU unnie's vibes when she had bangs and short hair

3. She's obciously pretty. Weirdos are the ones making a fuss. I wanna tell them to just go look in the mirror first. Just how good does your face look?

4. She's indeed a pretty gag woman... first of all, her facial features are so refreshing!!

5. Crazy, what a pretty face

6. She's still pretty now but she's a bit cuter now. Back then, she had that colder beauty vibes

7. She has an objectively prettty face

8. She was super skinnyㄷㄷ

9. That's 10 years ago..ㄷㄷ

10. Hul look at these pictures... she was so fresh

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