"I feel uncomfortable with dating someone older than me.."

"Born in '83, 41 y.o"

"Born in '83, 41 y.o"

"Born in '84, 40 y.o"

"Born in '84, 40 y.o"

"Born in '86, 38 y.o"

"Born in '80, 44 y.o"

Except one of the female contestant, all the women are in their 40's...

The male contestants losing their minds after the age reveal

"I can't date a woman older than me"

"I wish she was younger than me"

"Why can't you (date someone older)?"
The stern and resolute male contestants and the angered female contestants

The killing point is that the male contestant replied to this saying "It's something I don't want so what "why..?""

"I honestly don't even think about me"

"I usually don't think much about dating someone who's the same age but"

"I don't need anything else, I just need her to be younger than me"
The male contestants who got riled up among themselves

"(Reality check) I need to go on there soon.."
Because the male contestants' reactions were so negative, Song Hae Na (T/N: the MC) also realize the scary reality. (But Song Hae Na is 36 y.o..)

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1. But at face value, the female contestants look way younger than them thoughㅋㅋ

2. I got curious so I went to look up the video and the male contestants were all 40-43 y.o. They were all of similar age... The average age of the girls were rather lower. Also, this looks way better than those dating programs where they invite girls who look like they are in their mid-late 20's and men who are in their mid-late 30's. 

3. Wow so 40 y.o looks this young nowadays

4. If I was a 40 y.o woman, I would've ran away after seeing those men's face

5. Wow... This makes me realize even more that men really need to manage themselves too. The men want to get married to girls younger than them so they'll need to manage themselves more... The female contestants look as old as the male contestants

6. No but I thought that the male contestants were in their late 30's or something but they are also in their early 40's so why are they nitpicking about "older women"??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. It's indeed hard for women to get married after they are past their mid-30's

8. I went to see just how "young" these men were but they were all in their 40's too and their average age is even higher than the women

9. I don't think that these men are in the position to judge the women like this though..

10. These men need to consider their own face value and age too ㅜ Do they not realize the reality? What age do they wanna date then?

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