After I got married, I moved to Seoul ㅜmy hometown is Cheon-An
My wedding ceremony was held at Cheon-An too~~

All my daily life was lived in Cheon-An and the friend I had back then came to Cheon-An for my wedding ceremony

And now I moved to Seoul and am living here since my husband is frm Seoul

The issue is that this friend is having her wedding in Jeju-do this timeㅠ
On a Saturday at noon ㅠㅠ

I'm working as a part-time instructor at an university right now
and I'm also working as a freelancer so I'm really a mess and I have no time either
So I can't go to Jeju-do just for one day...

I have to do a special lecture on the weekend that I cannot miss so I sent her 200K in congratulatory money and told her that I was sorry..

That friend gave me 100K for my wedding and just ate and left bak then ㅠ
I feel like she should've paid more but...

But I learned that she only invited 5 of her close friends to her wedding;
Two people were taking the wedding pictures...
(Her husband is from Jeju-do and they've been living in Cheon-An after getting married but they did their wedding ceremony at her husband's house)

Once her wedding was over, she Ka-talked me saying
"You shouldn't live your life this way you damn b*tch" and things like that

You can tell that she was in a fit of rage when writing those swears down;
I didn't reply her right away since she just wrote me like this

All my apologetic feelings disappeared and I've been thinking 
"maybe she was the one living in the wrong all her life so that's why only this little people came to her wedding?"

Should I feel sorry in this situation...?

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1. [+247, -2]
Tell them I couldn't go to Jeju-do because they didn't get you a plane ticket and a place to stay. You usually have to provide transportation. And since she cursed you back, ask for your money back.

2. [+99, -2]
I've been to a wedding in Jeju Island, but we weren't even best friends, we were just acquaintances, and our flights and lodging were covered. It's supposed to be like that. There were three of us, but it was a little strange because they booked us into a luxury hotel suite. It was the only time in my life that I had a living room in a hotel, and all I did was sleep in the hotel. The day before the wedding, we rented a bar for singing, and all the bride and groom's guests gathered to sing, drink, and go out for a night, but they say that's how Jeju-do's wedding culture is. There were only three of us from Seoul, and they took great care of us, so I gave them 200K instead of the usual 100K, and they said I was the one who gifted them the highest congratulatory money, and every year they send me their regards.

3. [+54, -2]
This sounds so fake. If it's true, cut her off

4. [+25, -3]
If she was going to invite you to go to Jeju-do, don't you think that she should have booked you a flight and accommodation? But since she came all the way to Cheon-An, you gave her twice the money she gave you. I think that you were more considerate than her... It's a give-and-take. If someone doesn't give and only takes, then there's no consideration

5. [+13, 0]
If she's a friend who curses at others so easily like that, then you should stop being friends with her

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