This is Nana's Instagram photo.

What do you guys think?

Do you think she's better without a tattoo?

The below are the original photos

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original post: here

1. [+98, -13]
If the tattoos themselves looked cheap, I don't know but if a 'woman' had tattoos on her body, why is it considered cheap? Why is it "cool" when it's on men but not on women?

2. [+92, -9]
They look cheap on both men and women. They are just tacky

3. [+37, -3]
I don't have any opinion about this but those tattoos on Sunba's girlfriend are the ones that look f*cking repulsive. (T/N: ref here (NSFW))

4. [+33, -2]
I'm fine with small lettering but the ones in the post do look cheap

5. [+11, -1]
At the very least, people who are classy never have tattoosㅇㅇ It's not that the tattoos themselves are tacky, but people with tacky images usually do whatever they want without thinking twice about it. Personally, I instinctively find it a bit uncomfortable when I see tattoos on girls wearing a wedding dress or on someone's mother

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