"My some turned ghosted me for my tattoos"

I'm 1m60 and 48kd. 
I think my looks are just average... 
I have one sleeve of tattoos on only one arm starting from my shoulder
I usually put only light makeup and I don't dress provocatively so people can never tell whether I have them. 
Yesterday, I planned to go watch cheery blossoms with my guy some so I wore a dress that showed my shoulders and finger tips on my date. My some loked at my tattoos in between the "holes" of my dress.. Right now it's 1pm and he still hasn't contacted me yet
If I look average and I have tattoos, would it be bad to guys? Is that a total turn off?

For reference, I've been debating on this for a long time. Ever since I was in middle school until my mid-20s, this was a design that I've always wanted to do, I did them one by one and it was so painful... (I really treasure my tattoos so please don't diss them ㅠㅠ) 

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1. [+175, -2]
It's your freedom to get tattoos all you want but it's also people's freedom to pass on you all they want 

2. [+112, -3]
I don't think that everyon who gets tattoos are thugs but 99% of people who are thugs have tattoos... 

3. [+98, -2]
You'd be lying if you didn't know what it'd imply 

4. [+75, -4]
Whether it's on men or women, I hate it 

5. [+55, -4]
Even if it's only one arm, isn't it still a huge tattoo? I feel like even for small tattoos and lettering, people would get judged on that, so of course men who have no tattoos would hate that

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