[theqoo] AESPA THE 3RD MINI ALBUM 'MY WORLD' ➫ 2023.05.08 6PM KST


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1. SM's really giving mini albums to all their girl groups. They would even make a full album with all their mini albums

2. They will blow up with this

3. Didn't they say that it was a full album at first?

4. As long as they don't make 1 comeback a year

5. Wasn't it.... a full album...???

6. I've been waiting

7. It's disappointing that it's not a full album but I'm still freaking excited

8. So it's not a full albumใ… ใ…  even so, I'm happy!! aespa, I've been waiting for your comeback

9. Ah f*ck!! I've been f*cking waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. But aren't the amount of songs revealed at their concert enough to make a full album? Seems like they took a few songs out

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