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1. She's so beautiful...

2. The dance looked like a flower, so gently

3. They picked such a good dance that it makes me like the song even more. The quality is MV level which is surprisingㄷㄷ

4. They really used the back dancers so well that you can really tell what the focus points were. They really pulled this off and Jisoo's expressions were good

5. F*cking good... the choreography was good too. It didn't feel empty and they used the dancers in such a clever way

6. They picked such a good dance for the song and Jisoo really did well

7. The dance is so well-picked and why are Jisoo's eyes so sparkly? Too pretty~

8. Jisoo's expressions while dancing were really good

9. Crazy, this was even better than the MVㅋㅋ

10. The dance is so good and the gentler parts were freaking nice...

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