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1. Crazy... a super star... freaking pretty

2. Queen

3. Wow I can see how hard they worked for her outfitㄷㄷ freaking rpetty

4. She's so pretty just from the first picture aloneㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ Her Coachella outfit looked like a flower bud and it's so pretty. The details are good too

5. That's right Jisoo-yah, you're the prettiest

6. Wow f*cking pretty

7. Wow seriously, she already looked crazy from the first picture

8. Wow if I was a fan, I would've changed my DP into her picture right away. All her pictures are pretty but even the lighting, hair, makeup and coordi are perfect

9. How can her face look like this? Crazy, f*cking pretty, seriously

10. Ahhhhhh unnie, why are you like this only outside of Korea?ㅠ Freaking pretty

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