"The beat and the way of singing sound like they stole from Linda"

"They just stole Rosalia's signature singing style, we can't even treat this issue legally, this is just so nasty and shameful.."

"There are people in the QRTs saying this is forced, but it's not the first or second time that Le Sserafim copied Rosalia... I watched Le Ssearafim's documentary, and I liked them, so I stayed still, but this is getting too much"

"They used the cat helmet from the MV. Rosalia's SAOKO was released in February 4th 2022 and Le Sserafim Fearless May 2nd 2022"

"Left: Chicken Teriyaki, 2.25.2022
Right: Antifragile, 10.16.2022"

"Haircut performance
Left: Motomami tour (9.18.2022)
Right: SBS Gayo Daejun (12.24.2022)"

"Of course there are trivial things too but some made me go "Huh? Why are they so similar?" and I'm emphasizing on these ones... All the songs that Le Sserafim promoted as the title song and made a comeback had one thing in common [with Rosalia], and their latest song again had the same vibe and so many similarities and a lot of people have been saying that too"

"If this was truly a coincidence, I hope that Hybe and Le Sserafim become more careful in their concepts in the future... Rosalia took 4 years to release an album with that concept, it must be so upsetting to have them release a copycat version of it not even 1 year after she did it"

(Post talking about how everything Le Sserafim does has a bit of Rosalia's influence in it from the from SAOKO and Chicken Teriyaki's outfits, the dance and vocals, the MV directing)

"It's not like Rosalia's singing style fell out of nowhere, she even had surgery for a vocal cord nodule when she was 16 years old and couldn't sing for a year. ~ Personally and culturally, there's so much meaning behind her singing. And she's also well-received overseas so this will blow upㅋㅋㅋ "

"The way of singing, the choreography are all the same, but people are saying that these are commong props ㅋㅋ Do you think you guys sound credible? There's a reason why each of their concepts are decided, why do you think Le Sserafim is choosing these specific things to do? I bet you guys can't even justify"

original post: here

1. They have no shame 

2. This is why they swear at KPOP 

3. Huh? It's literally the same ㅋㅋㅋ

4. There are things that are similar and things that aren't

5. They're embarrassing KPOP, what is Hybe doing?

6. Even when Antifragile came out, there were talks about their similarities in posts, this is crossing the limits of referencing

7. Rosalia's story is so cool... Seriously she's such a good singer

8. This is so severe

9. If you want to reference something, at least don't make it that obvious 

10. There are way too many people who watched Rosalia in Coachella to not know about her 

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