1. La La La, Dirty Cash, This Love, We Belong Together, Fool, A Fool of Tears, Always, Lies, Last Farewell, Haru Haru, Wonderful, Oh My Friend, Oh. Ah. Oh, Sunset Glow, Paradise, TOnight, Love Song, Cafe... 

The Cyworld vibe, their fresh and early songs

2. Blue, Bad Boy, Monster, Still Alive, EGO, Love Dust, Loser, BaeBae, Bang BAng BAng, We Like 2 Party, Sober, IF YOU, Let's Not Fall In Love, FXXK It, FLOWER ROAD, Still Life, ... 

After 2021, when their song genre took a turn 

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1. #2 is obviously trendier and I can tell that they've completely shifted direction, but it's still #1 for me ㅠ 

2. I love both but it has to be #2, Bad Boy and Blue are just such masterpiece... 

3. Straight up #1, maybe because I started fangirling on them at that time 

4. #1 is their fundamentals, but #2 for Blue, Bad Boy, Ego and FXXK It are just such masterpiece, it's so hard... ㅠㅠ 

5. #22222

6. I love both but I feel like they became more complete with #2 and I find myself listening to those songs more

7. I feel like both have masterpieces but if we talk about Bigbang, it has to be #1

8. #1 is their basics

9. #1

10. There are way too many good songs during #1, but #2 is good too.. 

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