[theqoo] FIFTY FIFTY CUPID REAL LIVE...................

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1. It's even harder to sing sitting, they really ddid well 

2. The rapper members' voices color is so unique, the vocals were good too 

3. So they were 2 vocals and 2 rappers? The part distribution is quite severe

4. They're on their way to become super stars

5. I hope they succeed domestically... Nowadays it's not easy to do well as a small agency in Korea, I hope their company works hard

6. I honestly think the song was so so, but the voice colors were so insane that they made the song special... It's freaking good 

7. The member who did the intro has an insane voice color... 

8. How are their voices like that..? Crazy 

9. The intro member's expressions were good and her voice color was so good too, they're honestly a fraudㅋㅋㅋ

10. It's my first time getting a feeling that I'm actually listening to a live from idols hulㄷㄷㄷ

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