Shin Dongyup served as the MC with Suzy and Park Bogum at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards held at Paradise City, Incheon on the 28th.

[...]  Park Bogum told Shin Dongyup, "I think sunbae-nim is the busiest among us. Haven't you been on the long-run for the past 32 years?"

In response, Shin Dongyup said, "I am still skeptical about a lot of things, so I like to do various things. I like fun things and erotic things. I constantly challenge myself."

Previously, Shin Dongyup was at the center of controversy with the Netflix entertainment 'Sex + Character: Japan', which was released on the 25th. 'Sex+Character' is a new concept talk variety show in which Shin Dongyup and Sung Sikyung explore sex, a taboo, and people in the adult culture industry.


The production team who created 'Sex + Character' amid controversy will soon conduct an interview with the "plot" and tell the story of the program as a whole. As a result, attention is focused on what position the production team will reveal.


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1. This isn't just about liking "erotic" things... Why is our society going backwards?

2. There's other things you can challenge yourself with, wake up 

3. He aged like milk 

4. There are barely anyone who don't enjoy erotic things though? You can enjoy all you want alone, but he's there exposing the p*rn* industry's sunny side while he has a daughter, isn't he ashamed?

5. Ok we got it ajussi. We don't wanna see you on public TV

6. He needs to be banned from public TV 

7. He crossed the line on that one 

8. You can sit in the corner of your room and enjoy those things alone and nobody would say anything 

9. Hul stop this already. Just go and spend your life watching your erotic films by yourself instead

10. Is he insane... The older he gets, the more rotten his mind... 

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