It is difficult to deny the fact that singing ability has been 'leveled down' as the music you listen to has changed to the music you watch. Idols can't perform live. It's a pity that they can't even sing their own part that lasts for tens of seconds. However, it is no longer meaningful for idols to be evaluated based on their singing ability.

There is no single answer to the questions, 'Do idols have to be good at live performances' and 'Is singing ability a necessary condition for idols?. If you focus on singers, singing ability and live performance are "essential", and if you look at idols as singers, the answer is "not essential."

Idols are more like artists created with a focus on performance, music, and commerciality. It means that the personality of a comprehensive artist, not just a singer, is stronger. K-pop fans all over the world are enthusiastic about idols' images and concepts, as well as music and performances tailored to them. Live is a sufficient condition, but not a necessary condition.

There is also a point of view that idols and musicians should be viewed separately. Just like ballad singers and dance singers have different titles depending on the genre, idols are a genre of singers. The music industry has changed, and since idols play an important role, they are of the opinion that the same criteria as in the past should not be applied.

The public no longer sees singers, idols, and musicians as one. When it comes to musicians, there are celebrities that come to mind, and when it comes to idols, there are celebrities that come to mind. There is a boundary between singers who sing and singers who compete with performance, but it seems meaningless to evaluate them with the same standard. It's time to go beyond the age-old live debate.

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1. I don't care if they're covering their own songs, but the singing with AR and have people praise them for their "good singing" needs to stop. 
I hope the fans stop hiding it for their bias too 

2. That's quite right... If youcan't sing and you can still dance and fill up other categories and still be classified as an idol, but we need to distinguish them clearly from singers

3. It's not only about dance live anymore, they can't even hold a note while standing still during their encores... If not for the machines helping them, they wouldn't even be able to appear on music shows

4. Me too I can agree with the article to a certain degree, nowadays, tehre are so many scammers out there ㅎ They just use AR and post-editing and the fans all believe that it's liveㅋㅋ Seriously you'll never be able to tell their real talents apart, because there's not a single one who can sing liveㅋㅋ

5. If a singer can't sing, it's over for them 

6. Just stop pretending to sing live 

7. I've seen this too often, if you can't even pull off a 30 seconds part, why are you standing on stage?

8. Then they should ban all live using AR

9. Idols are singers too, of course we have the right to judge them for their singing, what are you saying.. 

10. What are they singing? They should be able to pull off their own songs, otherwise they're just doing covers no? 

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