Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment.

We would like to sincerely thank the fans who support VIXX and we would like to inform you about Ravi’s withdrawal from the group.

Ravi decided to leave the group today after a series of discussions with the company.

We would like to apologize for concerning the fans who support VIXX.

Cr. Koreaboo

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1. Damn... They could've made him leave earlier

2. Finally he's gone 

3. Finally....But it's been so long that there was no more point to this group anyways ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. Farewell 

5. They could've with kicked him out, I don't get what is there to discuss about?... Anyways congrats congrats

6. He didn't even promote with them anymore, it's good that he left right away 

7. VIXX fans, congrats

8. I hope the members who left will stop mentioning the gruop again, congrats to the fans 

9. This is a relief that they wrapped this up before their 11th anniversary
Anyways, I'm sure he has no lingering feelings left to himself either, I'm sure both sides are happy 

10. This was obvious


Hello, this is Ravi.

First of all, I apologize to everyone who has been harmed and hurt by what I did wrong.

In the past, I was assigned to public service due to illness I had, and I was postponing my service for my activities when I reached the point where it was difficult to postpone my service any further.
I was the only artist in the company generating profits, and the implementation dates for the contracts that were signed before COVID-19 were being postponed without certainty, so with the burden of contract cancellation charges, I was desperate to delay my military service.
With desperation, I made a foolish decision, and when my worries about the company and the contract issues were resolved, I voluntarily registered for public service and was carrying out my service since October of last year.

I would like to sincerely apologize to the epilepsy patients and their families who must have been hurt by this self-justified wrong decision I made in this process along with everyone required to serve who is diligently carrying out their duty even at this moment.

Furthermore, I sincerely apologize to all the people who were hurt by me and to the fans who passionately supported my life beyond my existence as an artist for making you all experience the feeling that the time we spent together is being denied and falling apart.
I wanted to be someone you could be proud of, but I have no excuse for showing such a shameful side of myself.
Compared to everyone’s valuable feelings which were developed sincerely over a long period of time, I think I was very lacking.

Lastly, I decided to leave VIXX so that no further damage would be given to the team members who were harmed by my fault. I am sincerely grateful to all the members who have been with me for the long period of 11 years, and I feel apologetic beyond words. I sincerely hope that there will be no more harm caused to the members’ valuable efforts because of me.

I think I am a person who is lacking a lot and still has much to learn.
I think it is my responsibility to take all the criticism over this incident. The more you scold me, the more I will repent and learn from it.

I know very well that my simple words of apology do not make my faults go away.
I will continue to learn and work hard so that I can live as a better person by reflecting on this moment without forgetting it.
I sincerely apologize.

Cr. Soompi
original post: here

1. Yeah yeah, we saw your apology, now go back to serving the army 

2. If he was truly sorry, he would never reappear on broadcast again 

3. Farewell, and don't step back, go deeply reflect and live a good life 

4. Finally, he's going to withdraw

5. Ah he's trying to make excuses. Don't try to justify yourself. That guy is so funny 

6. Finally he's out. Don't come back on broadcast

7. Don't just apologize. Why would you make excuses and try to justify yourself? I liked you on 1N2D and supported seeing you once you were done serving. Now I'm embarrassed

8. Ok but why is he trying to justify his actions... Just go already tsk tsk 

9. Go repent and live a good life 

10. Someone lacking who still has a lot to learn (x)
Someone greedy, selfish and criminal (o)

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