All seats are the sam price, they all cost 99,000won (~70USD), and there's not a single stairs, they're all placed on the same floor. 
There are 2 showrooms at the Ilsan Kintex
Even the last row, tickets are 99,000 won, so the fans are pissed off

This is what the room looks like

This is what other concerts look like 

Ilsan Kintex Exhibition Hall 2 (Up to 10,000 people)

The second exhibition hall in Kintex, one of the major exhibition halls in Korea. It is often used as a concert venue because it can accommodate a large audience, but it was not well-received by Jaejoong fans because of the horizontally long structure (view) and poor sound quality and accessibility.

The fans re-arranged the stage

the reactions are so bad 

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1. I'm not going, there will be f*cking lots of empty seats

2. Kintex honestly sucks... 

3. Why would they do it at Kintex?? The fact that there's no elevated floor is oba... 

4. I can't even sleep, I honestly can't believe this, what is this????????????? And they're also starting ticketing on Tuesday 

5. My bias held their year end show there and it f*cking sucked 

6. No but this is too muchㅠ

7. No but is it that hard to find concert venues... We're talking about SHINee here, they shouldn't be holding concerts at Kintex. What are we going to see if we're in Kintex?

8. Venues without elevated floors are the worst

9. Seirously this f*cking pisses me off, if they don't change it, I'll just watch Beyond live instead f*ck 

10. I'm so sad seeing this that I can't sleep 

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