Cosmic Girls' Yeoreum is reportedly appearing on 'Queendom Puzzle'.

According to reports on April 25, Yeoreum is participating on Mnet's upcoming girl group audition show 'Queendom Puzzle', which will debut a global project girl group including existing girl group members and singers. 

Cosmic Girls previously appeared on 'Queendom 2' of the 'Queendom' series and were crowned the final winners of the season.

'Queendom Puzzle' premieres in June, and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon was previously confirmed as the MC.
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1. It's true that WJSN doesn't have any group promotion... The fans already know about it. A few of them are going into acting and have already signed with King Kong Ent. so they are completely out of the group now. A while ago, they said they had their last meal together

2. But they said that the group was having a comeback in June...

3. Wow she looks like Taeyeon in the picture

4. The 4th gen female idols are just too successful now and two members are already leaving so... if they really want to do group promotions, they probably should do it for a long time

5. There are so many f*cking rumors in the comments... sigh, I'm sad. Yeoreum fighting!!!

6. No matter the result, I hope that this becomes a good experience for her. I support her!! Yeoreumie fighting~!

7. Oh she looks like Taeyeon

8. But is this program also gonna be a survival show?

9. They created a small buzz and started promoting but in the end, it's better financially to make a boy group instead

10. Seeing her going alone on this, she probably has the skills to go solo... but I guess it would be good for her to get some recognition as a solo artist...

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