On the 17th, Rose's agency, YG Entertainment, released an official statement saying, "We have previously stated that we cannot confirm anything related to Rose as it is the artist's private matteres, but we would like to inform you once again as reckless speculation continues." 

"We would like to clarify that the reports of Rose's relationship rumors reported today are not true," the agency continued, "and we would appreciate your help in preventing the spread of untrue information."

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1. He got so much hate just for that...

2. What wrong did Kang Dong Won do... 

3. Kang Dong Won is f*cking pitiful, f*ck

4. To be honest, why would Kang Dong Won and Rose even date each other....... first of all, he doesn't even seem to like younger girls. He has a freaking lot of young fans and blocks all their questions regarding age gap

5. Where are the kids who were f*cking hating on Kang Dong Won?ㅋ Kang Dong Won is pitiful

6. She's not even a minor so why were you guys dragging Kang Dong Won?

7. Should've just denied it the first time or just not say anything (T/N: Kang Dong Won's rep released a statement earlier that also said they couldn't "confirm" the rumors - similar to YG's first statement)

8. Aren't the kids who are blaming YG weird??? Wouldn't this be over if there were no hate commentors in the first place?

9. No but it's not like they were cheating on anyone so why are you guys making such a fuss over someone else's relationship... seriously, I hope you guys know how disgusting you are. You guys are doing the most harm here

10. Why was YG's response the issue here?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ you guys were the ones hating on themㅋㅋㅋㅋ This is a joke, seriously

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