"There's a huge controversy over an idol being rigged in China right now
picture: Do you know about the fake in group G's top9? 

This was the ranking at that time during the cut off. At that time, Matthew was around #35. The only person I liked at that time in group G was Min(?). Even not for Min, but there were so many other people ranked higher than Matthew at that time so how did he end up in the top9?

Matthew's role in the team was so small, but to draw attention to him, they gave him all the spotlight

"Signal song "Here I Am" individual fancam assesment"

By counting the fancam views + likes x 100, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the mission! To every star creator, please participate a lot!

The signal song fancam assessment's top9 = Seok Matthew

The judging time went from December 30th 9pm ~ January 7th 10AM 

During the 1st performance on ep3, before splitting in teams, they could pick the top9 using the signal song's fancam views + likes x 100 right? 
Right now, Matthew is in a controversy for making into the top9 among the group G. 
At that time, the top 9 had:
1. Dang Hong Hai 
2. Anthonny
3. Keita
4. Hiroto(?)
5. Kong(?)
6. Zhang Hao(?)
7. Zui Yi
8. Ricky
9. Matthew

But the assessment time was supposed to go until January 7th and just looking at the ranking on the 6th: 
16. Min
18. Zui Yi 
21. Ricky
25. Ma Jing Xiang 
27. Zhang Shuai Bo 
28. Nice (?)
29. Ichika 
30. Chen Guan Rui 
32. Chen Jian Yu
33. Qiu Sheng Yang 
and 35th was that Matthew guy 
(Zhang Hao, Anthonny, Dang Hong Hai, etc. were all super high in the ranking) 

16th - Min - eliminated 
18. Zui Yi - G7
21. Ricky - G8
25. Ma Jing Xiang - eliminated 
27. Zhang Shuai Bo - eliminated 
32. Chen Jian Yu - eliminated 
33. Qiu Sheng Yang - eliminated
35. Matthew - G9 .....?????????????????????

The likes are hidden by the producers but if you look at the likes on any other Boys Planet's videos, you'll see that it's usually 1/10 of the views
Min had 110K views so he probably had around 1000 likes 
Matthew had around 50K views, so he basically had around 500 likes 
So Min would've had
110K + 1000x100 = 210,000 points
50K + 500x100 = 100,000 points

Min's points were cut half down meanwhile Matthew's one were rose up to 2x more. Usually SEA fans won't press like on other trainees so you can safely estimate that Seok Matthew had around 500 likes meanwhile, Min had 1.5x his points so he could've definitely made it to the top9, meanwhile, Matthew should've never been able to enter the top9 

Even if Min had 0 likes on his video, then how come a nobody like Seok Matthew could've won over the visual picks Ma Jing Xiang, Zhang Shuai Bo, the SEA trainees, Chen Guan Rui, Chen Jian Yu, etc. when these people had way more likes than him? Do you think it makes any sense?

And even if you argue that likes don't make that much of a difference, you can look at the views of K group which was proportionally higher, and most of their trainees made it to the top 9ㅋㅋㅋ So there's your proof. 
How did Matthew alone with his views go from #35 and stepped on all the other more popular trainees in the group G and entered the top9? Is it only because he had a bunch of screentime in the first half of the show? Matthew groupies, explain a bit 

These are the views count from January 30th
t/n: the chart just says that Seok Matthew is supposed to be #22

++ Even Mnet's advertiser left this as a comment on Youtube 
"My #9 pick is ... First of all starting from Seok Matthew.."

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1. So why are people still watching a rip off of Produce again?

2. But everyone is going into watching this expecting the rigging already no?

3. Can we stop with the rigged programs already? Sigh 

4. It's Mnet we're talking about. Why are people even consuming the show?

5. Seriously compared to his actual skills, he sure has a ton of screen time. So much so that he made me frown on the last episode 

6. So they'll also end up like X1 right?

7. If this isn't rigged, Mnet should come out and clarify this cleanly 

8. I'm shocked.. If this is true... Can the people who were cut return to the show ㅜ 

9. I'm not even shockedㅋㅋ

10. Why are people even watching this show to start with ??? People watch it and then feels like they're being cheated on and then creates another issue againㅋㅋㅋ This isn't the first or second time either;; Honestly you guys are the issue ㅋㅋ


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1. [+186, -2]
Even before Boys Planet's show started, the paid ads from Mnet commented Seok Matthew their Youtube .. 

2. [+163, -2]
Let's reveal the results of the visual picks 

3. [+148, -5]
Seok Matthew's company is part of CJ's affiliates

4. [+138, -1]
Until ep9, this trainee has achieved a total of 1 hour of screen time since episode 1!!!!! Meanwhile, another trainee had a total of 9 minutes.. 

5. [+138, -1]
But if we keep doing this, the controversy will grow and it'll force Mnet into revealing everything ㅋㅋ I pity the kids who got their screen time cut because of Seok Matthew 

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