[theqoo/enter-talk] IVE AN YUJIN'S INSTA UPDATE

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1. She's the personification of kistch

2. When did she grow up so much...ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. Yujin-ah........

4. Yujin-ah, I told you not to do this.. mom is barely holding it together...

5. Crazy... are you crazy Yujin-ah

6. F*cking kitsch

7. Yujin unnie...

8. An Kitsch

9. Yujin-ah.... put on a blanket on right now...

10. Yujin-ah.... you're making it so hard for me right now


She was always pretty but she's especially talented on stage this stime and she's f*cking pretty

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1. [+17, -1]
I think that there's a big difference between her with and without bangs. She looks mature without them but she looks like a puppy with bags. She's f*cking pretty in both cases

2. [+14, 0]
Just legendary..

3. [+14, 0]
Wow  f*cking innocent

4. [+11, 0]
She looks mature and elengant with her bangs dow and looks prettier ㅠㅠ she looks so modern and laughs so brightly, is goof at singing and dancing too. She's driving people crazy

5. [+11, 0]
Freaking pretty

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