I saw their MV yesterday and I think that Ahyeon will be the visual.. She's seriously freaking pretty.. Anyone can tell that she's a traditional beauty... And she even has the aura and the skillsㅋㅋㅋㅋ How does YG find kids like her?.. If not, they probably gave her a f*ck ton of training. If you look at their previous trainees, they were all the same. As soon as they receive the YG-touch, the kids all become modern and luxurious... Ahyeon's life will blossom into blooms in the future..ㅠ I'm jealous


Even her old pictures were the personification of a hot girl... Her personality is also easy-going and freaking pretty...ㅠㅠ I'm already her #1 fan... Her facial features are distinct so she'll look super good on camera too. I really feel like her potential will explode once she debuts, gets used to cameras and finds the style that suits her.. Isn't she gonna look f*cking pretty with ash brown hair and warm-toned makeup?

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1. [+72, 0]
Huh Yunjin + Kim Garam + Jennie vibes

2. [+64, -2]
She's exactly the gyopo-style that YG likes... She's gonna be Baemon's identity member

3. [+39, -9]
Seriously, I can't think of anyone else but Kim Garam

4. [+47, -1]
? How is Ahyeon a traditional beauty..? Does OP know what a traditional beauty is?

5. [+23, -8]
She's a visual that's never seen before.. To be honest, I feel like I've seen all the other members somewhere before but she's definitely different

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