No but I watched their studio CHOOM danceㅋㅋ

I could roughly see in the MV too but
But looking at the cuts like that and the camera angles, 
It's so obvious that they're trying to salvage the dance
Their moves are so sloppy

It looks like the person who made their choreography was a choding
and these moves are the moves that nobody even put in their dances anymore

Even for their super simple moves, why can't they at least sync their angles?

Especially this sloppy part, it  keeps appearing again and again

The more you watch, the less sincere their dancing looks

Even for such an easy choreography 
it looks like they're slacking off even during their individual parts

It looks like they received no lessons about dancing
Whenever they have to move their legs and their finger tips at the same time, or their arms
it looks so unnatural, all of them 
It looks like they can't find the beat and don't know how to dance with how stiff they look 
I'm impressed that SM decided to debut them despite being worse than their trainees

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1. [+186, -46]
Seriously you guys need to cut it down, so by sitting in the corner of your room makes you an expert in dancing now?

2. [+178, -29]
I watched the Studio CHOOM video too and their moves felt so organic and nice though?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ And of course if you just look at the gifs without the music, it looks weird. If you want to see the dance, at least listen to the music at the same time, otherwise stop with this nitpick. The fact that your cutting up those frames that don't even last 1 second is too transparent

3. [+167, -19]
Are SM's trolls only lookign at aespa all day long?

4. [+167, -22]
Why? I actually prefer their light moves like that. The song is so upbeat, so if the dance was also complicated, they'll just end up looking messy. This is refreshing to see

5. [+146, -16]
The parts where they danced "joyfully"? was quite unique and I didn't think much of the rest of the dance ㅋㅋ the reality is that since the video was uploaded, they've been earning listeners every hour, it's clear that they'll be #1 or #2 tomorrow


She's the only one not doing the same angle... only Karina and Winter got the angle right

Look at their 4 knees properly here
Only Karina and Winter are raising their knees and jumping.. Ningning matched the beat but didn't raise her knee

Even if Ningning didn't dance right, she was matching the timing.

It doesn't look like she has any intention to work hard on the dance height. She doesn't even extend her waist

I feel like  Giselle is 80% of the reason why aespa is getting hate for their dancing

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1. [+89, -7]
But I think that in that TikTok video, she couldn't extend her waist because she was wearing jeans so it would be f*cking tight on her legs.... There's no elasticity at all, they are just jeans

2. [+79, -3]
Kar-Win are always the ones getting nitpicked on posts like these so stop writing posts that would attract the trolls

3. [+54, -6]
Winter dances the best

4. [+53, -12]
This isn't her first time

5. [+50, -3]
It doesn't seem like she's not trying hard but she looks tired

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