On May 3, Sports Chosun reported that Jungwoo’s elder sister is actress Kim Min Ah.

In response to the report, NCT’s agency SM Entertainment and Kim Min Ah’s agency Woori Actors both confirmed that they are siblings. Woori Actors remarked, “They did not want to mention [that they are siblings] because they were cautious and thought it could be uncomfortable, but it became known.”

Born in 1995, Kim Min Ah started her career as a singer in 2015 with the release of her single “On such a good day” under the stage name Haru. She signed an exclusive contract with Woori Actors in 2022 and impressed viewers by acting as a reenactment actress on KBS Joy’s dating talk show “Love - Naggers.” [..]

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1. [+47, -2]
It's because some NCT internet sasaeng leaked the fact that she was Jungwoo's sister that the media picked up on this and released an article. They don't want to reveal it themselves, so don't feed this 

2. [+29, -1]
But if this person's birthday is 1997, August, how can Jungwoo's birthday but 1998, Februrary ....? 

3. [+19, -2]
Don't feed this. They didn't want this to get known, so why are you writing an article about it?

4. [+15, -1]
They stalked Jungwoo, they stalked his family, and they themselves want to promote their own ways quietly without this getting known. But now, people are starting to swear at his nuna. Someone leaked the information directly to the media and the trash journalists picked up on it 

5. [+2, -5]
Looks like people are making up comments just to send this to the top trending one. Don't engage and send PDFs


"Ah now we need to hate on Jungwoo's nuna tooㅋㅋ"
"Since she's not a commoner"

"Jungwoo nuna b*tch needs to fix her diction if she wants to be an actress"
"Can't she just attend an academy? She can make Jungwoo pay for her fees"

It's someone who's notorious for spreading rumors and leaking information about idols. This person is also known to leak rumors about celebrities to Sojang

It's the same person who leaked a picture of Jungwoo's fansite (commoner) and that person ended up receiving personal attacks over it 

The reason why he leaked the information about Jungwoo's nuna was because, just like the screenshots show, he simply wanted her to get hate

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It's so strange and spiteful to do something like that when you can't even have guessed that they were siblings just from looking at their faces.. Damn, even when their family didn't want this to be revealed, they forced them to reveal it and now they'll be sworn at for using the idol dongsaeng to promote

2. [+40, -0]
This needs to be spread around. Because of that troll, the members and even the fansite who is a commoner and their families are getting harmed through this. Seriously this crossed the line... The fact that he blatantly said that we should hate on his nuna and SM is just there doign nothing and not suing him is so wrong... Not long ago, they even pretended to be a delivery man to get their personal information too 

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I don't know for the fansite but the nuna should really sue him 

4. [+23,- 0]
SM and that Hannam are so despiteful. Most idol fans are teens and tweens girls, if they receive the personal information of their bias, they'll go around and share them;; they need to deal with this legally. The way they're just watching this unfold is creepy 

5. [+16, -5]
Seriously what is wrong with Haechan's fans? Do they end up like that because they like Chaechan or are weird people just attracted to Haechan? 

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