If I was a fan of another group, I would honestly think that they match
Both are 28 and 29 and are 8 and 11 years into their careers, super good-looking and their levels (I'm not the one to judge about this but) are both Bangtan and BP level so there's no unbalance. There's nothing problematic about this couple. 
But f*ck, the issue is that he's my bias...ㅎ

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1. [+140, -45]
I still don't know what the hell they did that was so wrong

2. [+118, -32]
These two are much better than those male idols who go to clubs or to hunting events. They even look a bit pretty to me. It's just Pann who hates on them

3. [+106, -31]
Even if they were my bias, I wouldn't think anything of it. It's not like they were caught by Dispatch spying on them. They were just casually on vacation and some commoner took a picture of them and exposed them which makes me sympathize for them. They barely have any pictures together so that's why I don't think much of it

4. [+98, -20]
Just imagine picking between your bias dating girls at the club VS your bias dating Blackpink Jennie... For real, I'm sorry but you should be thankful that he's dating Jennie... ha

5. [+70, -10]
My bias had premarital pregnancy... so please think about this positively, ha..ㅜㅜ


I would've been way more pissed if he was dating a BJ or an Instagrammer

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1. [+127, -27]
To be honest, it's impossible for him to date higher than Jennieㅋㅋㅋ because there's nobody above Jennie

2. [+104, -12]
She's not some female idol you've never heard of. It's BP so just accept it... What's more is that it's Jennie

3. [+100, -1]
SUJU's Kim Heechul's friendship with female BJs / TXT's Taehyun meeting girls at the club / EXO Chen marrying some attention seeking Instagrammer, etc.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this relationship is way better

4. [+76, -9]
I totally related to this. To be honest, these two just look like a hip couple. Their image is pretty

5. [+52, -9]
I seriously agree with this

6. [+24, -6]
Maybe because I'm not a fan of them, I just think that they match well. They kinda match well like Hyunbin-Son Yejin?ㅋㅋ Although I will be f*cking jealous if he was actually my bias

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