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1. [+201, -27]
It's like smelling a perfume you haven't smelled after a long time. It kinda reminds me of Fx's prime time's Summer sound? It's too good 

2. [+184, -21]
aespa will hit daebak with this comeback. They've already surpassed 1.37M with their first week sales which is legendary, and they also crashed Melon for 30 minutes. Now, their title and b-sides all entered the chart and the title itself is still climbing the chart... The antis are having a seizure right now, but of course, they suceeded right away. Their first week sale was honestly legendary ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The song is too good 

3. [+175, -20]
Oh seriously this is giving 2nd gen idol vibes, Especially Fx's Hot Summer. The melody isn't similar, but the vibe is the same. I fraeking love it that it's reminiscent of Hot Summer

4. [+160, -17]
This is a song that'll make you f*cking excited to grab a car and drive around in Summer because it's so refreshing ㅋㅋㅋ And the 4 voices of aespa's members together is quite good 

5. [+142, -13]
It would've been even better if they released it in Summer, it's totally giving Summer vibes and it also gives Fx vibes

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