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1. [+46, -2]
I hope Rose stops with her blonde hair already. I feel like she feels uneasy about it

2. [+45, -0]
Yup, Rose honestly doesn't say much about her hair or scalp... She's still young so she should be fine, but once she grows older, she'll suffer from it ㅜㅜㅜㅜ 

3. [+36, -0]
Bleach has such strong chemicals, of course it'll ruin your hair and scalp. It can cause dryness, breakage and at worst, hair loss. If you don't apply the bleach correctly, you can also get a cheical burn. It hurts and it can get infected too 

4. [+34 ,-0]
But right now, she's been keeping with her blonde hair for a few years already... Shouldn't she give it a rest?

5. [+31, -1]
I've applied bleach 5 times on my hair and everyone around me told me that it suited me better than my black hair, so I kinda got an obsession? over it. That's why I've been trying dyeing my roots over and over again for 4 years in the attempt to maintain it... I've even been visiting the most expensive clinic to make sure that I take care of my scalp and hair, but it's definitely not the same texture as my hair before. Seriously I know that Rose must have a special reason to keep her hair blonde but at most, I wouldn't even recommend going 2 years in a row with blonde hair... You'd think that it's fine as long as you only touch the roots.. But once you bleach your head, you need to match the bleach hair to the black roots so while bleaching your roots, you'll end up bleaching your hair too and then you need to color and tone your hair to match the colors too.. They also refrain you from using anti-hairloss shampoo and stuff like that because it can change the color. You need to keep toning your hair and this isn't good for your hair either... I can testify this as someone who've been through this.. 

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