This was her during After Like

Her pictures today

She's still super thin, but personally I prefer her after. She's way prettier so I hope she stops dieting so harshly and takes care of oher health while promoting

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1. [+73, -4]
The Wonyoungie that I remember had baby cheeks fat, so when she debuted after she was done with IZONE, it seems like she dieted super hard to lose it. When you look at other kids who have cheek fat, their bodies are still super skinny, but I still find them cute, however it must be so stressful for them. However, kids like that only lose weight on their bodies when they dietㅋㅋㅋ Anyways, she's way better with a bit more weight on, so I hope she promotes healthily 

2. [+32, -5]
Can people stop talking about her weight..

3. [+30, -4]
She's so pretty nowadaysㅋㅋㅋ This is the class of a journalist picture

4. [+20, -2]
She must've suffered so much trying to manage herself, it's hard to exercise and diet while maintaining your body in a pretty way, still, her body right now is way prettier

5. [+13, -4]
So skinny kids who gain weight will still look pretty when they do so.. 

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