In a way, people of this generation seem to act more young than their age?
Just look at Insta and see how many Reels are there about people saying that they'll live like a kid even when they are old...
A lot of people want to have a younger vibe than their actual age

But when it comes to Karina, she's f*cking mature even despite her young age
She really seems like a person who is full of love for others
But then again, her personality isn't only gentle but she's also strong and assertive
anyways, her personality is f*cking intriguing
I want to be like her

Maybe it's because I'm seeing way too many people acting like kids nowadays
When I see mature people, I find them likable, just like Karinaㅠ

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1. [+49, -12]
You can just look at how she's still in such a good relationship with the ex-SM trainees to understand that Karina is a good friend and coworker (this picture was a picture of Karina posted by Hina, one of the last SM Rookies left in the end)

2. [+49, -18]
That's my personal opinion of her but when I hear stories of her trainee days or of the members talking about her, I can feel that she has strong leadership. She probably learned that warmth from her older sister

3. [+41, -17]
People who act like kids will never be able to debut under SM or YG. They will lose right away since there's so much competition

4. [+36, -14]
All her schoolmates supported her, said that she was kind and pretty and left good anecdotes about her. The Rookies kids are all still hanging out with her. If you watch aespa on variety shows, you can see how kind and mature she is. She gets along well with people of her age too. Kids like her have a sturdy mindset

5. [+25, -5]
Positive posts about Karina always weirdly have high downvotes. Karina who's born in '00 is way more mature and cool than those old men writing hate comments about her on Pann~

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