[enter-talk] KARINA'S SENSE ON INSTAㅋㅋ

I personally like her new ID way moreㅋㅋ

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1. [+69, -7]
Katarina = Karina's baptismal name, that's where they got her artist name from too. Blue = Karina's symbolic colorㅇㅇ She kept it simple but included everything that represented her. Her senses are jjang 

2. [+69, -2]
This is better than her first IDㅋㅋㅋ It used to suck with all those underscores

3. [+66, -35]
So what's so sensical about this?

4. [+54, -7]
Agree, she really made it well

5. [+53, -3]
Katarina is such a pretty name

6. [+37, 0]
Ahh I was wondering if "bluu" meant "blue", so it was her symbolic color

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