[enter-talk] KAZUHA IN MY EYES

No matter how I look at her, Kazuha looks the prettiest to me
I think that if Kazuha was Korean, her buzzworthiness and popularity would be the topㅠ 

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1. [+50, -24]
She's #1 in looking innocent

2. [+47, -27]
For real, who can compete with her as the 4th gen one-top?

3. [+40, -22]
First of all, her aura is crazy

4. [+32, -15]
She's still young but she has that elegant aura. She doesn't look young

5. [+20, 0]
She seriously looks Korean. She doesn't have any Japanese feature in her face

6. [+18, -3]
When Kazuha's face is slightly angled to the side like in the 2nd gif, she looks the prettiest

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