MMTG was honestly a mess (T/N: Shuhua's segments are in the first 5 min and the last few minutes)

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It's because there's nobody around her to tell her that she became like this. Also, Shuhua seems like the type of person who cancels anything she doesn't wanna hear so I feel like she'd be f*cking triggered even at the smallest reproach (T/N: OP uses the word '급발진' which means 'sudden acceleration' and it can also be used to describe people who suddenly get mad, start yelling, etc.)

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To be honest, it's not the first or second time that Shuhua spoke without honorifics so she really needs to fix it. She only listens to Jun Soyeon and Neverlands are always understanding towards her. Even among Neverlands, a lot of us are annoyed that she speaks so bluntly to Miyeon unnie and doesn't treat her like an unnie at all. She's always just blodly acting however she wants in front people she met for the first time or big sunbaes too. The other party just ends up being bewildered so Soyeon just ends up laughing awkwardly and Miyeon starts stuttering and fidgetting. It's always like that. I'm sorry but I really hope that Shuhua wouldn't go on radio showsㅜ Also, when they went on MMTG, Neverlands didn't say anything about it... the day it was released, it was so quiet on Twitterㅜㅜ Is she not paying attention to the difference in culture because she's gonna go back to Taiwan anyways? She keeps saying how there's no up and down in Taiwan but I don't even know what she wants us to do with this information (T/N: I think OP means that there's no honorifics?). If she's not gonna follow our culture, then I hope she doesn't appear on Korean shows. I like Shuhua and if I leave this kind of comment, people will think again that I'm a hater but I'm just speaking honestly. Her skills and Korean are all ok but not great but her attitude is slowly getting worse.. Also, stop saying that this is her concept. Shuhua's personality wasn't like this before. Besides, wasn't she known as the kid who gets triggered by the public? She can't even improve her skills and if she doesn't correct her attitude and doesn't have manners, then she should just open her own livestream and talk to fans there. Neverlands will like Shuhua even if she's shouting but not everyone is a Neverland so I hope she's more mindful when she goes on variety shows. I like Shuhua but I feel like there will be comments saying "you're hating on her just because she's successful~" so I'm not sure how I can prove to you that I'm a fan.. Anyway, she needs to fix things that need to be fixed

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Why is she speaking without honorifics towards Jaejae..?

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The "boss baby" is all bullsh*t.. She's seriously the type of person I hate

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Even Jaejae was taken aback and said "why are you speaking informally?ㅋㅋ" Shuhua just has no manners..


I watched MMTG and it was a mess but I honestly lost my mind watching Yongjin's Health Box.
Especially for gagmen and MCs, they have to be extremely submissive to I-dle because of their fandom
But she's using that way too aggressively. This is power trip, but she's doing it in front of the cameras
I could see Lee Yongjin noticing the other gagman getting into a bad mood so he was trying to cover it up for Shuhua

I feel like she'll get into a power trip scandal soon

(T/N: Shuhua's longest segment is at ~13 min)

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For real, her personality is f*cking bad

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I don't think that Shuhua's personality is bad but that she rather got herself a weird concept. She has that bold and honest maknae-on-top concept so I think that's why she's always acting that way. She's exaggerating it even more because it's a variety show but it does make people raise their eyebrows

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I'm an avid watcher of MMTG and it's the first time someone made me raise my eyebrows

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What power trip? Shuhua was freaking famous for helping out victims of school violence back in her school days

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Seems like you're just a troll who's diligently watching all their videos just to nitpick... She barely had any parts in Yongjin's Health Box.. what is this bullsh*t?

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