"Give us vacations"
"Let us make our own IG"
"Just make private accounts"

"We all have them..."

At this rate, just give them official IG accounts

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1. [+193, -23]
Are there really idols who don't have a private account??As long as they don't release something in their official account meant for their private account like Minnie did

2. [+171, -11]
I'm another group's fan and you really think that no idols have private account rationally speaking...? And it's not like NingNing is revealing anything shocking.. Why are people making a fuss?

3. [+168, -13]
This is way better than your oppas who pretend like they don't have private accounts but are all dating their girlfriends behind your backs. NingNing is at least honest about it, she's way better than your oppas. Stop taking everything seriously and bullsh*tting 

4. [+150, -10]
So you really think they're living their lives without IG?

5. [+110, -184]
Why would NingNing reveal this;

6. [+75, -4]
Look at the fuss people are making, you guys are reaching so far to hate

7. [+60, -101]
Winter and NingNing have been the controversial members after debuting, they're honestly empty brained

8. [+37, -3]
Anyways, don't everyone know everyone has one? In 2020, Karina's private account was leaked and NingNing's private account was leaked in 2021. Pann was even bullying the for it.. 

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