[enter-talk] WHAT'S UP WITH LIZ' RECENT STATE?....

Seriously, I think that she's really properly dieting this time
I was scared that she would gain her weight back but she's been maintaining her looks..
Freaking pretty, seriously

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1. [+64, -4]
I thought that I was looking at Eleven Liz in the last pictureㄷ

2. [+44, -5]
I hope they get rid of her sideburn bangs. They are so ugly

3. [+35, -13]
She was f*cking pretty at the event yesterday. She's admirable. Let's maintain this

4. [+30, -1]
Leave her a lone. You guys are monitoring her based on a mm-scale about her weight

5. [+27, -1]
I'm a fan of female idols frm SM but I think that Liz and Leeseo will look like actresses once they lose their baby fat

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