[enter-talk] WHAT'S UP WITH NINGNING...

Has she always been this pretty? I always knew that Karina and Winter were pretty but nowadays, Ningning and Giselle stand out so much. I just watched an aespa video on Insta and why is Ningning so pretty? I've been staring at her for a moment. Sorry for the bad screencap

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1. [+25, -10]
She's always been pretty. She was mentioned a lot as the visual member during their debut

2. [+22, -5]
Her eyes are round so she looks so cute

3. [+15, 03]
She's always been pretty

4. [+13, -2]
I'm a fan of another grop but I've always found Ningning the prettiest

5. [+11, -3]
She's always been pretty and she's the only member in aespa who was pretty even before debut

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