When she's next to aespa, she looks like one of the members and she's still an active idol too. She debuted in 2014, but she only promoted 3 times in music shows...ㅜ
But why is her vibe so similar to Winter's? She looks like the innocent unnie of Winter ㅋㅋ

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1. [+125, -10]
Me too, I feel like Heo Youngji went to waste. She has a pretty face, she has the star factor too but they're unable to use her on stage... She's also funny like Mijoo, I don't know if she only wants to stick to vaerity shows, but it's not like they can just send her to variety shows all the time. She's so hardworking too 

2. [+90, -3]
But if she joined April, she would've gone even more to waste

3. [+77, -9]
Heo Youngji also looks like such a good person 

4. [+51, -10]
I'm a Winter fan and I find  Youngji too cute ㅠㅠ she has that same gentle vibe as her

5. [+48, -5]
Me too, when I heard KARA's album, I found that her voice was so good in comparison to the little parts she got ㅠㅠ She's still promoting now so why not give her a solo? She's just going around in vaerity shows.. 

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