The person standing at the far end is J-Hope. His proportions are daebak

"The person standing at the end on the left is J-Hope
J-Hope is 177 cm tall"

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1. [+26, -10]
If you think that he has bad proportions here, don't you need to go see the eye doctor...?

2. [+23, -4]
Wow Korean men are seriously shortㅋㅋㅋㅋ As expected, when I take the bus, the difference between the height of the men's eyes and my eyes isn't that big...

3. [+23, 0]
Daebak... He didn't look that tall within Bangtan though

4. [+18, 0]
Wow how tall are the kids standing next to him?

5. [+17, 14]
When this picture was posted on Twitter, I was looking for J-Hope. The fans said that J-Hope had the best proportions so I was shocked that they all felt the same

6. [+13, -15]
J-Hope is just the tallest here. I'm not sure about his proportions

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