If you come from a broken family with unresolved issues, you'll meet and marry a man who has a huge age gap from you

If you come from a harmonious family, you'll meet and marry someone of your age

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1. This happens a lot based on whether you received love from your dad or not 

2. In many circumstances, this is true

3. But this applies way more to women. 
If they've never received affection from their dad, they'll meet a man who's way older than them and marry them ㅇㅇ
There are also men who would date girls only to take advantage of this too 

4. This applies to dating 

5. I know this is case by case, I've grown without a dad and I love younger men 

6. Seriously women who date ajussis who are way older usually come from these family background

7. I hate men like my dad so I actually hate authoritative men. I want to meet men of my age but I don't want to depend on them 

8. My family is quite harmonious and my dad is kind too.. But I'm meeting someone 5 years older so this is case by case

9. This has been a popular saying for a long time 

10. This is true to a certain degree

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