(T/N: the Korean characters for Rei and Lay are the same)

This is what was shared under SM's artists' homepage today
They updated Lay's profile

original post: here

1. I guess? Lay earned so much money already. SM must be benefitting too

2. I guess so? I think that at first Lay's workshop was under an SM China label. I'm not sure if he's completely under SM but anyways, it's true that he's still with SM

3. Hul!! I thought that he ended his contract with SM... I see

4. I saw one trainee on Boys Planet who was under Lay's company so is that company under SM?

5. Hul but I thought that he said he parted ways with SM in his post about quitting the company

6. Hul then why did I think that he left?? I thought that he ended his exclusive contract with SM but stayed with EXO... so it was opposite

7. I've never seen an official post about him ending his exclusive contract and leaving the company but I thought that he cut ties with them relationship-wise. So he's still under an exclusive contract?

8. Hul I thought that he was still with EXO

9. I thought that in his letter last year, he said that he wasn't with EXO anymore and I was so annoyed at people always asking if he was still with EXOㅎ

10. I thought that he stayed in the group and didn't leave?? And I also thought that he continued his contract... he was my bias back then so..

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