(Tickets) bookers' statistics

44.2% Male 
55.8% Female

Teens - 29.6%
20s - 51.1%
30s - 15%
40s - 3.6%
50 - 0.4%

What do you guys think about this?

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1. This is a golden proportion 

2. It's straigt up half half 

3. That's a golden gender proportion, and it's also good that they have mostly fans in their 20s

4. Looks like it's half-half 

5. It's an offline event, but there are way more males than I thought

6. Notwadays, they've been rising in male communtiies. Usually, fansigns gather 6.5(F):3.5(M) proportions

7. This is looking good

8. So they have a lot of male fans

9. I wonder why men don't spend as much money?
> How to put this, when you have a singer you've liked ever since you were young, you'll usually buy only one album, we don't usually think of buying more albums than that. I've been a fan of Younha and I'd only buy one album when it comes out and always listen to her songs?? Whenever I look at my female friends or girlfriends fangirling over male idols, I realize that if they like someone, they'll actually spend money to go to concerts and buy goods, but I just go "Is that so?" As men, we kinda have that "bro mind" where we are conscious of what other guys would think if we started spending on concerts or even goods..? But this is my own opinion

10. So they don't have that many female fans

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