"From idol to manual label" Teen Top Cap, leaves the team in the end... The burdensome leader's sharp exit

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Kim **
Weeding/Mowing 5 stars
“He arrived right on time and did the job extremely neatly. He also cleaned up well afterward, and his work speed is fast. He's the best"

Caption: "Proud"

This is what he posted on his IG today 
He did such a good job that the client showered him with compliments

His idol life was kind of an misinformed situation. He got f*cking stressed out of it and it didn't suit him. But while being an idol, he calculated the money he received and his year-end salary would be around 60M won (~44K USD) so at that rate, he thought "might as well do something that is suited for me and do manual labor instead". It's not because he views manual labor lowly, his own father was the president of the public notice board and ever sice he was young, he's been taught to not view manual labor negatively

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1. Hul I didn't know he only earned 60M won in salary 

2. Imagine receiving only 60M won in a group whose name is so well-known...I'll support you 

3. So he was working hard to live a good life, I'll always support you 

4. I hope his new lifestyle suits him

5. I've misunderstood him.... 

6. Imagine receiving only 60M, might as well work in a normal office instead..ㄷㄷ At least, you're able to get vacations and you get to rest during weekends... And if you worked overtime, you get paid for him... 60M won is just shocking...

7. At least he's faithful towards himself..!

8. Finding a job that suits you is the best!

9. I misunderstood him 

10. If I was earning 60M and doing that job I'd do the same.. 

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