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Girls, when you're in front of a powerful man (CEO, boss), don't make your financial difficulties obvious,
don't make it obvious that you're all alone in the world either...
Don't make it obvious that your parents have never cared for you either.

Bad men or scammers who only want a woman's body would recognize that and approach you right away.
Pretend like you received a lot of love from your parents.
Pretend that you grew up from an average house.
That's how you can protect yourself. 
Of course there are good people out there too but in today's world, there's no reason to take risks.
If somehow, you can make it through your teens and twenties,
Your 30's will come and you'll be able to make a living.

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If I can add something, the more financial hardship you have, the harder you have to study. Do you know how cruel the world is towards weak and pretty women?..

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This is true. Even during the Jang Jayeon scandal, her suic*de note said "I feel like they treated me like an easy woman because I didn't have parents"

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(Commentor is a man) Also, please train and practice talking to someone while making direct eye contact

4. [+292, -6]
If you make this obvious to society, at work, or to everyone around you, it will just become your flaw... And if you make this obvious to people who are close to you, they will just feel bad + look down on you... I didn't even want any help, but there are many people who boast around about helping me out.. I never even received any help from them... So that's why now, even when people ask me about it, I just don't say anything. I don't lie either. I just save my words

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That's the thing that all the women that older men date have in common. They don't necessarily go for poor women, but they would go for girls who lacked parental love (especially from the father), who have poor family envionment, who lack affection or even girls who are in a temporary slump because people who are exhausted mentally have lower standards when it comes to the opposite gender. When I hit rock bottom, I started thinking "will I objectively be able to meet someone of my age?". To be honest, both men and women are the same but women should keep in mind that men are usually much more aggressive and assertive when courting the opposite sex than women. You need to work on your self-esteem, offset or cover up your weaknesses, take care of your mental health, and be a solid person on the inside so you don't attract flies. Same goes for men.

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