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I see a lot of celebrities, both actors and idols and I've also seen a few who are known as the representative pretty boy/pretty girl or who are known for their faces. 
But when people say things like "there's a halo around them" or "even among a sea of people, I could only see them" or "they seem to be of another race", etc., it's all bullsh*t.

First of all, when they talk about "other race", I guess it's possible if they are referring to that person's body rather than their face if they had an unrivaled body..

Anyways, honestly, I've seen a lot of celebrities that walked past by without getting noticed because nobody knew that they were a celebrity too.

If they've got a bunch of staff, a bunch of lights, and a bunch of equipment, then they are obviously going to get a lot of attention. But if they just casually walked past you, nobody would be able to tell that they are celebrities. And if someone recognized them, people's reaction would just be "ah really?" ㅋㅋ

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1. [+74, -13]
But if you look at their bone structure and facial features, there are celebrities who make you wonder if they are not from another raceㅋㅋ I'm not trying to deify them, there are honestly celebrities who look like art

2. [+72, -8]
But their physical is honestly important. If they have a legendary body. even if their face was average, they can have that celebrity vibe at first glance. But if they have a freaking pretty or handsome face but a bad body.. then people are just gonna go "oh... that's unexpected.."

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You're only saying this because you're a Pann-girl. You're passive mindset is to pick and hate on every little small thing on a person's faceㅋ

4. [+51, -12]
You can't really tell when you see someone in one glance but isn't the important thing the emplacement of one's features? Usually, what makes a big difference in a human's appearance is the positioning of their facial features. It's the subtle difference that divides beauty and ugliness. Even in plastic surgery clinics, they would tell you that even 1mm makes a big difference in real life... However, you can't really pinpoint this if you're just passing by a celebrity. Celebrities in real life may look the same as on the screen, but when you look at the subtle differences, they are definitely pretty and handsome, but the facial features positioning itself is different from the average person, the skeleton is different, and the head size and proportions are definitely superior. I'm not trying to deify them, it's just the truth

5. [+41, -5]
But it's a fact that you can't see someone with Yoona, Lisa, Jang Wonyoung or Karina-level of proportion in real life. There are definitely kids with good proportions in real life but they are not celebrity-level-good. Kids whose proportions look f*cking fraudulent even through a screen are definitely built different.

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