"The things I've felt living as a 172 cm tall woman

1. Most of the height of the eyes of men in the streets were similar to mine (If I walked past them, they would suddenly straighten their shoulders and lift their face)

2. People around me would say that I look like a walkingstick, that I'm tall and long or that I'm a giant

3. Even when I don't mind it, men feel burdened (by me)

4. My proportions are good because I'm tall so I'm kinda satisfied with that

5. If I wore heels... I fear that I'll be nearing 180 so I can't wear them

6. When it comes to wearing stockings or skirts.. normal stockings are too short and skirts become ass-crack skirts

7. My weight is in the mid-60's kg but skinny men are way lighter than me....

There must be a lot of people who are taller than me too but... even being 172 is too burdensome

I want to give even 3 cm to other men"

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1. [+200, -30]
I'm 158 and I'm freaking jealous of you being 172ㅠㅠ There's an aura that only tall girls have right? I also like clothes like long dresses and long coats but no matter how I try to dress up mature, I look like a kid wearing an adult's clothing and I don't have the frame for it

2. [+158, -21]
Even a 167 cm-tall woman looks tall

3. [+126, -30]
It's all about your mindset. I had a friend who was 173 cm tall and she would only wear heels that are over 10 cm. I told her that she was already tall so can she stop becoming taller? And she said that she felt good looking down on men

4. [+88, -37]
Korea is the only country where men would make women worry about being 172 cm tallㅋㅋ

5. [+78, -170]
I'm 173 and I f*cking wear a lot of heelsㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hate having short girls wearing heels and be as tall as me so..

6. [+61, -4]
I'm annoyed because it's so hard to find a tall man

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